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Featured tours include the Bali Marine Walk as mentioned, where you are able to walk on the ocean bed on the Lembongan Island. This Island is only 30 minutes by cruise, where you can see their magnificent sea gardens, and feed and play with the bright fishes on your walk. This Bali Marine walk, does not require the experience of a skillful diver or swimmer, because the water does not go over your head. If you wanted to, you can where a helmet that lets you go underwater, the helmet has a tank connected to it, that supplies the helmet with air

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Bali is a real tourist attraction for many tourist when they travel to Indonesia. As Bali is appealing to many westernized visitors for its difference in culture. You can visit places such as Ubud, where there is a strong culture amongst the community.

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Bali can be an enjoyable trip for you and your family with its pristine beaches and beautiful Islands. It is an escape from everyday life that you and your family will enjoy. You can experience traveling and touring Bali with its many choices of Bali tours that can range from jungle trekking, whitewater rafting, scuba diving, sea cruises and mountain cycling. Seeing Bali with many of these incredible tours they have available will be an enjoyable experience that you and your family will enjoy.